Replace Sunroof Seals

Again, in the spirit of replacing the rubber bits, I had sourced the front and rear seals for the sunroof. It was relatively easy to remove the sunroof and replace the seals. Reinstalling the roof and getting it right required a few adjustments, but eventually it was all in place per the BMW specs.

Parts and Service

Project Total: $138.22
Parts / DescriptionQtyPriceTotalShipping / LaborTax / DiscountLine TotalDate OrderedApprox. MileageSourceDocs
Sunroof Seal (990 mm Length, Front) 54-12-1-870-086-M9 1$43.00$43.00$7.97$50.971/14/15Pelican Parts
Sunroof Seal (1775 mm Length, Rear) 54-12-1-920-052-M91$63.25$63.25$63.251/14/15Pelican Parts