Procure Bentley Manual and Miscellaneous Parts

Even before the car arrived, I preemptively started ordering items for the car. Once it arrived, I found more items that needed attention. All of these items were sourced from eBay.

  • The day I won the eBay auction for the M5, I preemptively sourced a new window regulator for the front passenger door, which I knew from the seller to be inoperable.
  • A couple days later, I purchased the Bentley Manual for the BMW E28.
  • I needed some extra keys, so I ordered a couple OEM lighted key blanks.
  • I found one of the seat adjustment switches to be a little sticky and intermittent. In hindsight, it was probably from too liberal application of leather conditioner. I bought a replacement just in case, but cleaning up the connections made it work perfectly.
  • The “M” seat badges were all a little worn out, so I found 4 replacements for the front and rear seats.
  • Finally, the Check Control Unit near the sunroof switch wasn’t working. I purchased a replacement and when I went to install it, I found that the original was simply unplugged, seemingly to preempt the known issues with intermittent brake lights. I plugged it back in and the original worked perfectly.

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