Replace Transmission Seals

While I was rebuilding the shift linkage assembly, the transmission selector rod joint was removed from the selector shaft. This was a good opportunity to replace that seal, which is typically the main source of transmission fluid leakage. Because I had dropped the transmission down to remove the driveshaft from the transmission, this was also a good time to replace the shift detent plate, which is on top of the transmission.

To remove the selector shaft seal, I fashioned a pick out of a small screwdriver, procured just for this purpose. It took some time to get the old seal out, being careful not to nick the wall of the transmission output. I inserted the new one on with a socket. No more leaks!

Parts and Service

Project Total: $102.43
Parts / DescriptionQtyPriceTotalShipping / LaborTax / DiscountLine TotalDate OrderedApprox. MileageSourceDocs
Output Shaft Seal - Genuine BMW 231212053421$30.99$30.99$8.46$39.4512/26/15Peter Pan BMW
Manual Trans Shift Detent Plate - Genuine BMW 233112284701$32.99$32.99$32.99
Manual Trans Shift Shaft Seal - Genuine BMW 231286777361$29.99$29.99$29.99